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A Short Biography

photoFairVega services are run by me, Shelley Fairweather-Vega. I am a native speaker of American English, a student of Russian history, culture, and politics, a certified Russian to English translator, and a professional with extensive experience in several fields. I put those experiences to work in every translation I do.

Before becoming a translator, I worked in marketing, language teaching, criminal justice, and library science. I run a library consulting business specializing in providing materials and advice to North American libraries serving Russian-speaking immigrants. I earned an M.A. in Russian, East European, and Central Asian Studies in 2006, and was certified by the American Translator’s Association in 2009 as a Russian to English translator. Since 2015, I've mostly translated fiction, screenplays, popular science, and good books of all kinds.

You can request my CV by email, or check my online profiles through the contact page.

What I've Translated

For mysteries, popular science, and children's literature published in my translation, please visit my portfolio page or my author page on

More Translation Services

I welcome new project proposals, large and small. If your project doesn't seem to fit into any of the categories below, I still may be able to work with you. Contact me to discuss the possibilities.

Creative Translation

Literature & poetry in Russian and Uzbek

Journalism & analysis

Marketing & PR

Academic Translation

Texts in social sciences & humanities

Scholarly research

Services for students & researchers

Legal Translation

Laws & legislation

Treaties & contracts

Legal discovery

Legal documents

Games and Software

Localization for American audiences

Children’s games

Word games

Creative Translation

Academic Translation


Games and Software

Samples of my work are available in my online portfolio.

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