Translating Games and Software

FairVega Translations loves games! Translation and localization of video games and computer software and apps are FairVega's newest venture. Russia and Urkraine are famous for their programmers, and we believe their work deserves perfect translation to appeal to the biggest possible English-speaking audience, around the world.

Games and apps
Your app needs good English to succeed: clear instructions, an engaging story line, and realistic dialogue. FairVega has created and edited English versions of games for players of all ages and even adapted Russian word games to work with English content. We can handle any sort of in-game text, monitor for consistency, perform linguistic QA, and make sure your game is ready for its English-language debut.

Social media
Hire FairVega to monitor the Russian-language discussions on your online forum or adapt Russian-language posts for your Facebook or Twitter followers.

Business and legal translation for game makers
User agreements, marketing texts, and website copy need professional translation, too. We will make sure all your important information is presented clearly and consistently to your English-speaking audience and users, in exactly the tone and style that best represents your brand to the world.


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