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FairVega Translations specializes in the translation of legal documents. I bring to my work a good understanding of both the American legal system and the various systems of Russia and other post-Soviet states. And I can offer you my services for substantially less than a multilingual, non-specialized translation agency would charge you.

Contact me about occasional help translating Russian documents relevant to your case, about large volumes of work in ongoing cases, or about working remotely or in your offices sifting through electronic or paper documents in the discovery process. I welcome sensitive work and have experience handling classified documents. I am a certified translator and can provide you with a signed Statement of Accuracy.

Please note that I am not a court-certified legal interpreter. Instead, I render written texts from Russian into English — the kind of concise, correct, professional English that will give you the knowledge you need to represent your clients to the best of your ability.

Criminal law
As a past employee of the Criminal Division of the U.S. Department of Justice, I have a solid background in criminal procedure in both the US and the post-Soviet world. Professional document translation will help you portray your clients in the best light possible, and take advantage of the best possible understanding of the position of the opposing side.

Family law
I have extensive experience translating the types of documents your Russian-speaking clients may bring with them when they come to you for assistance. Professional and well-formatted translations into good, clear English can help you understand your clients' background better and help you be a better advocate for them as they navigate the American legal landscape.

International law
My work benefits from a good understanding of international case law, treaties, and international courts. Whether you need to know about international submarine rescue agreements or a Russian money-laundering scheme, I can help.

Business law
Get clear, accurate translations of accounting statements, internal correspondence, and the business laws and regulations that apply to your client's case.

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